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Dignity in Dementia

Some of you may be aware that the registered owner of The Old Vicarage (Kamal Siddiqi) is also the proprietor of Grange Bakery. He is an avid supporter of the charity ‘Dignity in Dementia’ and to help highlight Dementia Awareness Week (commences Monday 16th May 2023) Grange Bakery will be providing cash prizes for a short story/poetry competition, organised by Dignity in Dementia and The South Lakes Alzheimer’s Society.

The aim of the competition is to highlight how people with dementia can, with the right level of support, continue to find fun and fulfillment in life despite the challenges that their condition brings. We hope many of you affected by dementia will put pen to paper, so to speak, and write an uplifting short story or poem for the competition. You could win a first prize of either £75(first), £50 (second), or £25 (third)! But most importantly, we hope you enjoy writing about those positive moments you still experience. The competition title is ‘The Positive Things We Still Do.’

For more information about the competition, please open the PDF below.

Download PDF • 3.95MB

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