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Frequently Asked Questions


"No question is so difficult to answer as that to which the answer is obvious."  

George Bernard Shaw

A carer heloing an elderly genteman play skittles via guiding with throwing the soft ball.

What if I am not happy with an aspect of care?

We kindly request the views of residents, relatives, and representatives. We continually review our Policies and Procedures Manual with constructive input from both individual residents and relatives. This manual contains ALL significant policies and our complaints procedure. The aim is to achieve a plan of care with which everyone is happy.

Do I need to provide extra funds for care costs?

Yes, our quality Care Plan Package does not include the cost of toiletries, newspapers and other publications, chiropody, hair and beauty styling, payment for meals at other venues, entry fees to cinemas, galleries etc.

Are laundry costs included in the care plan package?

Yes, we have a laundry on site which launders clothing daily. We take great pride in our residents always looking their best.

How does the pre entry assessment work?

We speak to you over the telephone to gather general information about the person who wants to come and stay with us - such as general mental & physical state, where they are, why they need to stay at The Old Vicarage and about their lifestyle, etc.. If we think they may be suited to residing  at The Old Vicarage and we can meet their needs, we then send you an information pack and  invite you and your loved one to look around The Old Vicarage to see if it  is suitable.


If you are happy with what you see at The Old Vicarage, we will then gather more information about the person coming to us, including speaking to health care professionals, family members and  most importantly, visiting the would be resident at their current home, if at all possible.


We assess 6 areas: Behaviour, mental health, moving & handling, nutrition screening, personal risk , physical risk. After gathering this information, we assess a resident as having low, medium or high care needs. 


We don’t take new residents with high needs unless under special circumstances.  We would contact you within 48 hours of this assessment having occurred to let you know if we are able to care for the would be resident. 


Is it possible to have a trial stay to see if The Old Vicarage is for me or my loved one?

We offer a ‘one-month occupancy trial agreement’ which enables you and your loved ones to 

decide if The Old Vicarage is suited to their needs. This first month provides the opportunity for both the staff and your family member/friend to get to know each other and to identify needs and lifestyle preferences so as to develop an agreed care plan. 

What is the minimum time for a Respite Care Package?

We request a minimum stay of one week.

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