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Play for Today!

We have a highly creative Care Assistant called Jill, who positively enjoys engaging in fun activities and conversations with our residents. One of her previous activities was creating and being part of the French Afternoon activity on 17 March 2023, alongside her other Parisian-styled work colleagues, Karen, and Christine. Please see the pictures below.

Jill also again, along with Karen and Christine, thought of the idea of the Hawaiian Afternoon - see our Blog

So recently, Jill decided to have a go at being a playwright, emulating Noel Coward, and Shakespeare! With her pen, or should we say keyboard, Jill wrote a comedy about a care home that focused on the humour and interaction of the residents and the care staff. The play was printed and the actors reading the script were our very own residents. After reading the script, our residents were ready for the staged play in the conservatory; no curtains, stage, or stage lighting, just a musical introduction with Frank Sinatra singing 'That's Life'. The play was well received, and all our actors thought the script was fun, it also helped them to relay their thoughts on the transition from living independently to moving into a residential care home.

Sue, our Care Manager, thought the play was absolutely wonderful as it created "enjoyment and interaction".

Here are a few extracts from the play which undoubtedly highlight mischievous humour!

John the Carer: - Good morning what activities are we doing today ladies, walking, gardening, knitting?


Edith: We will go for a walk with you John any time. It's a chance to escape.


Ethel: Look I’ve already knit my scarf to go out in the cold, it is so long I have to wrap it around my Zimmer frame but it is big enough for us both to wear. 

And here are some photographs from the play. Jill even made some dress props (see the medals) for the part of Jeremy, the Sergeant Major.

And for anyone who has not as yet seen the film 'Mrs Caldicot's Cabbage War', we highly recommend it. This film is a comedic take on life in a care home and explores the issue of inadequate care. As you can see from our menus, we are a home which values good wholesome food alongside good wholesome care.

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