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Our Australian-Themed Barbie!

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

On Friday 1st September 2023 we held our annual Residents, Families & Friends BBQ In the gardens of The Old Vicarage. This year, AbbieJo our Activities Coordinator, decided to link the BBQ with our 'Celebrations of Countries Around the World' activity, so it has an Australian theme. So, with burgers, bangers, the odd larger or two, and most importantly no rain, the stage was set for an afternoon of fun entertainment.

Steve and Louise Forster provided music, with some requests for the odd song or two from down under. Skippy (aka Christine our Housekeeper) was present and jumped around to the sound of the music in between responding to questions like 'What it is Skippy?" and relaying messages in kangaroo speak!

There was also, what seemed to be, a Dame Edna Everage Appreciation Society present. Jill (our creative Care Assistant) arrived as Dame Edna, and it was not long before Kamal (owner of The Old Vicarage) wanted to try on the wig and see if anyone would recognize him! Then, Jean (our forever-smiling resident) decided that the purple rinse wig was most definitely worth trying on to see if was rather fetching!

Of course, an Australian-themed BBQ would not seem right without a Crocodile Dundee influence! So, hats off to Karen (another creative Care Assistant) who donned the hat and corks, and Claire (Deputy Manager) who proceeded to enact some special Crocodile Dundee moments and wrestled with a snake and cuddled a kangaroo all whilst wearing her pinny!

This event was a great introduction for Sue Wilson, our new care manager, to meet the families of residents and enjoy talking with Skippy.!

So finally, we are able to show you a collection of photos from this event which admittedly is rather delayed, but better late than never! We will post a couple of videos over the next few weeks which certainly highlight the party spirit of our residents, families, friends, and staff members.

Click on the play button to watch the video. We hope you like it.

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