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Lest We Forget

As a number of our residents have firsthand experience of serving in the forces during the Second World War, and also life experiences from this period of history, we take very seriously the significance of the act of remembrance. Each year to commemorate the war fallen and injured, we support the Royal British Legion with the sale of poppies. This year, AbbieJo, our Activities Coordinator organised activities with an emphasis on creating homemade poppies; with a creative streak, she took black and white photographs of all of our residents cupping their hands to hold coloured poppies that they created. As the poppy is a symbol of remembrance, the cupping of the hands can also symbolise gratitude. Here we have some of the mentioned photographs for you to view and enjoy.

A Remembrance Afternoon Tea was arranged whereby everyone wore a poppy and music was provided by Elaine who is The Old Vicarage Voices Choir Music Leader. Needless to say, the music arrangement was very truly Second and First World War influenced. The afternoon tea was very old school with tea poured from a teapot and the addition of some homemade scones and beautifully decorated cupcakes which were decorated with symbols and words of remembrance.

Jill (one of our kind Care Assistants) read aloud the very poignant poem which was well received by our residents.

Here we have some of Jill's own words which she wrote for the occasion:

Why should we commemorate Remembrance Day?

In war, there are deaths on all sides. It affects families in all different ways after it ends.

We must remember it has had many causes but it is the most costliest way of solving problems in our world today "giving up your own life".

It is always better to use diplomacy and not fighting.

Remembrance reminds us all of the ongoing conflicts as well as old conflicts. People do want to forget the bad experiences in life but Remembrance is a way of honouring people who died and fought for our freedom.

There is a quote on the internet that says 'It isn't enough to talk about peace, we have to believe in it'.

And finally, Gabby also known as one of The D-Day Dollies came to The Old Vicarage and did a wonderful music set with a selection of well-known wartime songs and some Hollywood favourites such as 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow'.


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