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A Few Facts About Mother's Day!

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

Did you know that the Greeks paid homage to the significance of motherhood by having a designated day of celebration for all mothers? Rhea was their goddess of fertility and motherhood.

Perhaps most noteworthy is the emphasis on celebrating mothers in the spring season! This may of course relate to the fact that spring represents birth and the celebration of new life. Also, the British date generally calculates as being nine months before the 25th of December! However, worldwide the date of celebration varies, and it is the British who celebrate first within the Gregorian calendar.

Although this day is very much associated with an American influence, it was actually recorded as being celebrated in Britain as early as the sixteenth century.

Many flowers and gifts are bestowed upon mothers to celebrate their gift of motherhood, and food gifts and cream teas undoubtedly figure quite high on the list! Songs are also selected and sung and it is Dolly Parton’s ‘Coat of Many Colours’ which is amongst the most favourite for this special day.

And finally… a favourite poem of many for Mother’s Day; something to recite or write!

Mothering Sunday by George Hare Leonard

It is the day of all the year,

Of all the year the one day,

When I shall see my Mother dear

And bring her cheer,

A-Mothering on Sunday.

And now to fetch my wheaten cake,

To fetch it from the baker,

He promised me, for Mother’s sake,

The best he’s bake

For me to fetch and take her.

Well have I known, as I went by

One hollow lane, that none day

I’d fail to find – for all they’re shy –

Where violets lie,

As I went home on Sunday.

My sister Jane is waiting-maid

Along with Squire’s lady;

And year by year her part she’s played,

And home she stayed

To get the dinner ready.

For Mother’ll come to Church, you’ll see –

Of all the year it’s the day –

‘The one,’ she’ll say, ‘that’s made for me.’

And so it be:

It’s every Mother’s free day.

The boys will all come home from town,

Not one will miss that one day;

And every maid will bustle down

To show her gown,

A-Mothering Sunday.

It is the day of all the year,

Of all the year the one day;

And here come I, my Mother dear,

And bring you cheer,

A-Mothering on Sunday.


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